Diane Marshall

Psychic Medium Empath Readings, Reiki Energy Clearing, Intuitive Mentoring

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Diane, a Medicine Woman utilizes her natural healing abilities through spoken word and touch. This passion to help people through the aid of intuitive readings, healing touch using the Reiki principles  is all about showing the client they are seen mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. On a spiritual level people simply want to be seen and heard. Diane's hope is to help a person on their path of continued evolution through their life path with the aid of people recognizing and seeing their own truth within. 
Diane, Native American from the Modoc Tribe of Klamath Falls and Celtic heritage have gifted her with natural healing abilities through Mediumship of spoken word and energy of laying of hands. Diane brings her gifts as an Empath Medium, Reiki Energy Healer. The combination of the Reiki Energy work, Empath Medium Readings are complete package in giving aid to a person on their healing path.

Empath Medium Reading

As an Empath Medium Diane has the ability to feel your feelings at their depth. As medium Diane is able to connect to spirit guides, your guides and sometimes people crossed over in spirit. The messages are for what you need to hear to help you on your life path. $120.00

Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. A laying of hands method and is based on the idea of an unseen life force energy flows through us and causes us to be alive. If one's life force energy is low , then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress. Reiki aids in clearing the lifeforce energy. $85.00

Intuitive Mentoring

Once you have had an Empath Medium Reading with me like most Psychic readings sometimes a person is left with questions about where they should turn to next or what would be the next steps to take on their life path journey. I am offering Intuitive Mentoring via in person, texting, phone call, email. $60.00 /hr

Reiki / Empath Medium Reading Combination

Diane is offering a 90 Minute Reiki / Reading combination, Starts with 45 Minute's of Reiki Energy Treatment and then 45 Minute Empath Medium Reading. The Reiki is a form of energy clearing laying of hands method performed on a patients chakra points. The Empath Medium Reading following is energetic insights Diane has intuitively detected from the chakra points on the patient as well as any intuitive messages from spirit, guides or ancestors crossed over in spirit. The Reiki / Empath reading is a great combination complementing the patients energy clearing and healthy insights, tips on what the patient could do to aid themselves on their life journey. $130.00

Distance Energy Treatment's

Diane is offering Distance Energy Treatment's , Diane has been offering distance energy healing to clients whom are unable to have physical contact do to being in the hospital or facilities that are vigilant do to the past pandemic experience. The power of intention in accepting and allow the distant reiki to flow via distance. I as the Reiki Energy Facilitator, I put full energetic effort into being right there with my clients as if I am administering the Reiki via physical touch. Diane is offering 25 Minute sessions for $75

Talking Stick Healing Sessions

Hold the sacred power of the Talking Stick in your hand as you speak the truth you hold within your depth. As you express the words the poison is released from un expressing and suppressing your feelings. This power session is then followed by an empath intuitive read on what you have expressed . $90.00

  • Langford, BC, Canada
  • Mobile Operations at assorted locations around the greater Victoria area and parts of Vancouver Island