01 Jan

2024 Most certain people are going to be more so than ever stopping themselves from doing the things in their life that they tolerate. So yes this means more and more people will opt out of jobs that they deem as a means to an end why ? Because people’s toleration levels have expired. This isn’t to say that you become so lazy that you live off the system. This means that more people will be stepping into themselves and actually doing what they are meant to be doing which entails people’s true authenticity. So yes going forward into the future you are still going to see a lot of jobs short on employees because people are only wanting to do their calling. 2024 is literally continue to give the energy of people cut and dry things in their life they are tired of fighting themselves on a soul level. Yes, a complete dismantling of employment as we see it wages will be forced to be raised higher because the 1950’s mentality of “ yes sir” is gone. 2024 will continue to bring more people crossing over as well because those people have completed their life contract as a living soul on earth. 2024 will bring more people looking at things with different perspectives which will change the energy of everything. So if you suddenly find you have been abandoned either in your work life or personal life this does indeed equal the bibles depiction of “ you will be left behind” because people will continue to no longer tolerate 1/2 hearted acceptance in any and all parts of their lives. Get ready to step into your truest authenticity you really have no other choice. If you deny yourself then you will continue to be plagued with dissatisfaction on every level of your life.Choose wisely.Diane Marshall

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