03 Apr

Why is a Empath Medium Reading beneficial to you? 

Everyone needs to feel like they are seen.

Everyone needs to feel like they are heard.

Every single person I give a reading to their eye's change and I see literally their soul shining.

I am a Psychic Empath who twins you in feelings and thoughts. 

I with the aid of Spirit taps in through mediumship to give you messages .

Mediumship through spirit guides , people crossed over or channeling one of the counsels. 

my Empath Medium readings are for the direction and healing based on your inner truth.

Someone's hidden or buried truth is usually not that hidden but rest on the tips of their tongue.

The aid with spirit tells me the areas you could re look at to see where a person gets stuck or overwhelmed. 

Through spoken word I give you tools and tips to transition via your own truth. 

Diane Marshall

Emapth Medium 

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