19 May

She had been on a journey of a thousand lives waiting to finally come to the end of the up hill battle. How do you get through the climb of your life. You do it solo and it takes the strongest grit you can every imagine. To realize you and only you has your own back. You and the voices in your head telling you their stories. This has been the biggest lesson in life that all people must learn. Self love is the only key to one's life. 

Self love in standing up for yourself having your own back. Allowing yourself your most intimate hopes, wishes and even fears. Letting yourself experience your feelings without the ridicule of other people. The hopes and fears of most people is that they will not be rejected for their own unique authenticity and they will be loved and valued for just who they are, this solo plight is what heals a person and gets them to this place of oneness. Trust that this solo journey back to self is the most important step in your life evolvement. By Diane Marshall

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