25 Oct

Reiki Healing is about me being the conductor opening and clearing your chakra points but for the most part reiki is about you allowing and accepting. Reiki is a form of energy healing a method of laying of hands upon your chakra points. The intention by the practitioner to clear your energy field, this energy clearing is regarding you carrying unprocessed situations you have that the energy around the situation was not cleared. We will keep imprints of the energy from people and situations that we did not speak our truth about. Those instances store in our bodies , usually in the weak centers where we have had an injury of sorts. When we become too full of disassociated energy we will become emotionally taxed and out body's will hold body pain. In order to clear the body pain you need to clear the emotional pain. The effects of reiki is the beginning of the clearing needed and depending on how long you have been walking around pretending you do not have any pain emotionally, mentally, or even physically will be the factor as how many treatments you need. A lot of times your first reiki treatment is the tip of energy clearing your body needs most, people's energy are weighted like a cement brick hence feeling miserable in all areas mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Start your energy clearing today with Reiki Energy Treatment's which is the start of emotional clearing which is what causes the physical pain you keep stored within your body. 

Diane Marshall 

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