25 Jun

These times with a blink of an eye every thing is telling us to be something other than who we are and we have been buying into this seed for years. 

However the key to change and to stop this being someone we are not is to do " no negativity journaling". Although negative journaling does have its place to do with healing when purging utilizing words to extract and heal because word is powerful. The Positive  type of journaling is only positive in nature with the concept of manifesting through writing the things you desire. 

The more we write about what we truly want with our hearts the lighter we will feel and it is the energetic feeling that brings us closer to all desire.

So when you are writing down a few thoughts be mindful of what you write, what words you use will be the key factors to the manifestation. Words have power and words can linger energetically once they have been concreted down on paper and once this happens we are sure to attract what ever it is that has been written. 

Write what you want. In this your self belief will stay intact because your truth is being written in the manner of what your heart is truly feeling with hope and faith trailing your written word. Diane Marshall 

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