01 Nov

My spirit guide Lakota tells me my healing hands go together with my ability to assist someone when they cross over. It is my energy alone that gives the person comfort a security that they crave yet may not even understand themselves. No one knows the last moment they will take their last breath but I know that on a very deep shaman, Medium level, I have the death doula abilities to lead someone to the crossing over side. I have witnessed this with both my parents deaths and with my first boss I had. The persons energy becomes very child like and fear filled. I recognize it instantly and something with in me shifts as well as the language I speak to them becomes  a safe haven of comfort. I literally control the energy of their fear so that they are not experiencing shear terror. Most people die alone and I mean deeply within themselves , yes they can have a room full of people but mostly people feel they are all alone in their transition period yet I understand them and I can give them the solid comfort energetically to ease them through their last moments . 

Diane Marshall 

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