04 Dec

As a shaman from a few past lives I have come to trust what my third eye see's when I am doing in an  Energy clearing session. I have seen many peoples secrets they have been holding energetically for years and years.

We seem to think we can stuff unspoken truth of events that have happened to us like a magic wand it will disappear but rarely does this happen. What does happen is we stuff unspoken truth secrets in to corners of our minds that eventually make it down into area's of our body's that cause us pain. This body pain is our unspoken truth. 

I literally will take layers off of people and watch them with my minds eye get up out of themselves and leave. This clearing has been  a body/mind psychic surgery that happens when a person comes to me and is ready to release their need of carrying their secrets. 

How will you know what untold secrets you carry that have made it into pain body ? You will be exhausted all the time and your life for energy will be low. 

Diane Marshall

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