24 Jun

Tips on how to get out of a rut or a pattern you have been stuck in and this can be for anyone who feels like they keep turning around in circles.

#1 Make a plan, get out a piece of paper and a pen and write down what you want to change only, so when I say only what you want to see change means that you do not recount what you have already gone through - no past.

#2 Make your plan do able , if you as an example want to change the habit of eating food in your house you should not eat any more then you need to completely clear the food out of your house so you simply can't because it is not there. 

#3 Ask your mind to write down only things for you and you only so what this means is if you have a partner and kids you do not write out your plan for them , you write our your plan for you and only you. You are still an individual person with dreams and wishes as an individual. 

#4 Do not share your plan with ANYONE until it is signed sealed and delivered, people do not like status quo changing so even if they seem like they are offering up good advice about your plan it is their perception and they do not know what lay deep with in your heart regarding your dreams and wishes just for you. 

#5 Recognize that until you do just for you and you make your self happy just for you, only then will you have the happiness of self fulfillment that people crave for individual self and it is then that you can fully share with your partner, children and peers. 

#6 stay in your lane and keep being you, honest with self, diligent with self so that you keep your self filled and the more you have filled equals top self worth, self love the more you will feel happier with in your life. 

Diane Marshall June24,24 

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