20 May

The act of understanding eventually comes after you go through the process of sifting through the assorted feelings and emotions you have needed to sift through. We often go through periods in our lives where we question situations that have happened and these situations are very personal in nature for we all are energy and in our core depths we are all empath beings. So in these situational analysis we will finally come to a level of understanding that we had to awaken to a certain level other wise we would of stayed blind. It is my personal experience that my blindness was combined with fear and shame. I had to go through both shame and fear then anger to get myself  to evolution that I have come to know and be within. This understanding is an agreement so to speak to do with past actions that could of been different if I had the self love enough to stand up for myself and speak my truth. Speaking my truth means that i say exactly how I am feeling and thinking from the depth of my heart. Lack of self love will however render you into silence and you will to your own detriment stay silent. In time this silence will build in resentment and you will be anger filled. This silence will also in time make your physical body ache with pain. This pain body is all the hidden silenced feelings you have never allowed yourself to speak. The understanding one finally comes to is that we and only we can change our thoughts and feelings and we are only in control of choosing differently. By Diane Marshall 

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