05 Nov

I just finished two days of psychic readings at a psychic fair. I am left with feeling like the majority of the public do not know what " medium " is or what mediumship is. The public seems to think I can conjure up people crossed over at will. I do not shake tables and I do not call the dead forth from the grave. What I do  is as an empath medium I READ you , I read your energy, I read your thoughts, I read your wounds . I also read why you are wanting to contact your dead loved one. The reasons why you want to contact dead loved one's are usually because you " you " have guilty  feelings or you feel you did not say enough to that person when they were alive. It is in my opinion one of two reasons. I can also tell you that the people crossed over in spirit are wanting the living to " LIVE" ! So when I am doing my " mediumship " work I am dealing with the " living " and I am going on the wishes of the dead in helping the living in their lives. We often get stuck in the grieving process because we are not doing our own work on coming to terms with our feelings regarding the person crossed over. The people in the afterlife are having a better time of it over there than the living are here I assure you. My mediumship as an empath is to discover where you are stuck in your life, because spirt that has crossed over has been observing you and they question why you are not completely utilizing and living your best fullest life. 

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